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For the past 7 years, the Farm-to-Consumer Foundation has been the leader in providing educational programs and materials for the production of raw milk to producers and consumers around the country. Our activities and programs have helped raw milk consumption safely grow to well over 10 million consumers nationwide*.

Raw Milk University is your chance to learn vital information about dairy production practices that can help you produce high quality raw milk, increase production and reduce risk. The information and educational material offered in the seminar can be used by any herd size, can cross over to all types of milking animals and are complimentary to state raw milk programs.

Some of the points that will be covered are: • Soils, forages and the relation to herd health and milk safety • Warning signs of failing herd health • Mastitis management, Milk cultures, quality and pathogen tests (and how to interpret them) • Proper milking practices and milk handling • Animal scoring, basic dairy animal health management

Presenters include:

Tim Wightman, brings 16 years of experience in raw milk production, research, and education with a focus on soil, forage, and herd health consulting on organic and biological practices. As a result of his years of experience, he provides critical insight into issues related to individual producer and consumer questions.

Sharon Wilson, is a raw milk advocate, educator and a raw milk producer. She has helped create test standards for goats along with product standards and recommended process standards. She has spent her time educating producers wanting to learn about how to produce clean, safe raw milk. For the last seven years she has consulted with others wanting to learn more about goats and raw milk production.

Educational materials detailed and offered in the workshop include the Raw Milk Production Handbook and the 4th edition of the Consumers’ Guide—Safe Handling—Preserving the Quality of Fresh, Unprocessed Milk.

Please bring your own lunch for this event and donations are appreciated for the cost of hosting this event.

This event is brought to you free of charge by the Farm-to-Consumer Foundation a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization that promotes quality food production and sustainable farm stewardship while expanding consumer access to local, sustainably-produced food.

*USDA 2002-2007 Survey