A recent article published in The Washington Post highlights the lengths to which dedicated consumers will go in order to obtain raw milk. Due to the imposed federal and state regulations on raw milk, many people who firmly believe in its benefits have found themselves forced to seek out alternative ways to purchase it. Whether by driving far distances, or simply buying their own cows, these loyal fans are finding ways to ensure uninterrupted access to unprocessed milk.   Read full article below:

“How far will fans of raw milk go to get it? When the Jackson family first discovered it, they would drive nearly three hours round-trip from Williamsburg for their fix. That was when they had nine kids and no cows.

Ultimately, Kendra and Timothy Jackson went even further, moving the family to a 66-acre homestead in Warsaw, on Virginia’s Northern Neck, about a year ago. Now, they have 11 kids and three cows, and obtaining unpasteurized milk is as easy as going to the barn (and then, of course, milking the cows).”

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