At the National Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa, CA in September 2015, Tim Wightman, president of the Farm-to-Consumer Foundation, presented a workshop entitled “The Biological Advantage – Better Soils for Organic Food and Forage through Biological Farming”.

In this workshop, Tim discussed the benefits of biological farming, an approach to farming that aims to balance the minerals in the soil in order to support microbial life, which in turn provide nutrients to the plants (and animals). Tim’s presentation covered the basic practices that lead to balanced soil, including promoting plant diversity, using cover crops, proper tillage techniques, mitigating soil compaction, and strategically applying correct soil input and foliar fertilizer at the optimal time – all with the aim of fueling the soil microbe population.

Tim received a very positive response from the participants and wished that he had had more time to discuss the topic further.

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