The FTCF Fresh Milk Production Publication was completed in July and is available for purchase on the FTCF website!
Ten individuals, including farmers, veterinarians, researchers, health professionals and educators, served as members of the expert panel and contributing authors for this publication.

Subcommittee members Tim Wightman, Rebecca Brown, Sharon Wilson and Ted and Peg Beals, as well as Project Manager Lily Dougherty-Johnson worked with Gerald Snyder, Arden Nelson, Marguerita Cattell, Ton Baars, and Joseph Heckman to complete this project.

Using the Guide to Good Dairy Farming Practice, published by the United Nations and the International Dairy Federation, as a starting point the Fresh Milk Production publication was written and reviewed by the aforementioned experts over a period of two years.

Within the next year we will be publishing a goat version of the Fresh Milk Production publication, and there is also a plan to update both versions in 5 years (2020).