In September, F2C hired social media wunderkind Hannah Westheimer to engage the public with the Farm-to-Consumer Foundation via social media sites.

Hannah’s plans for attracting and engaging followers include maintaining an active presence on all sites and posting material of interest to the public, while expanding public awareness about sustainably-farmed foods, increased choice and access to local sources and how to support the farmers growing and raising these foods.
In addition, she is creating a platform to foster interaction, education, and discussion with sustainability-related online communities.

Farm-to-Consumer-Foundation’s Facebook page is up and active and can be found at:

Farm-to-Consumer-Foundation’s LinkedIn page is up and active and can be found at:

Be sure to follow the Foundation’s Twitterfeed for up-to-the-minute information and discussion:

And watch for more social media presence as F2C launches our profile on Google+.